Dictionary.com recently announced ‘2021’s Word of the Year’ and no it’s not “quarantine” or “zoom”. The word is “allyship” which is actually new to the dictionary in itself and according to Dictionary.com means:

allyship (noun): the status or role of a person who advocates and actively works for the inclusion of a marginalized or politicized group in all areas of society, not as a member of that group but in solidarity with its struggle and point of view and under its leadership.

However, this is Boise and we have come up with a few candidates for ‘Boise’s 2021 Word of the Year’ that we feel we’ve heard used more than enough to take home this prestigious title. Keep in mind, these are our picks but you can definitely message us any words you think can top our picks!

What Should Idaho's 2021 Word of the Year Be?

Once Dictionary.com announced their '2021 Word of the Year', we put together some candidates for Boise's own '2021 Word of the Year'!

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