Unless you live under a rock- you've probably heard about Khloe Kardashian being cheated on the day before she goes into labor by now. If you didn't know this, here's a quick recap: Khloe began dating her 27-year-old boyfriend- Tristain Thompson- when he was on the verge of having yet ANOTHER baby with a different woman. Now, life is coming full circle since Tristain has been caught stepping out on Khloe as she was about to go into labor with his second child.

Now I'm just a guy from Boise, Idaho- far away from the shimmering lights of Hollywood... but I can't help but have my own opinion about this situation. This may be Tristain's second child, but it's Khloe's first. It's unfortunate that a moment that was supposed to be so life changing will now be forever tainted as the time Tristian was caught cheating.

It was reported today that Khloe has finally given birth- but do you think she allowed Tristain into the delivery room? Some say it would be a horrible thing to deprive a father of that special moment (despite that he cheated it's not the baby's fault angle.) Others think it's too much stress and negative energy to have a new born baby around. Others say Mama Bear Kris would never allow Tristian into the delivery room.

If you were in this situation, what would Idaho do?

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