Watch your noise downtown Boise because it could cost you hundreds of dollars, congrats to the BSU grads and Donald Trump gets it wrong on Cinco de Mayo. 


Trending Entertainment

  • Captain America: Civil War is out today
  • A list of the top paid artists has come out putting Taylor Swift at the top of the list with a super-random addition of the Grateful Dead. The top paid artists are:
    • Taylor Swift, $73.5 million
    • Kenny Chesney, $39.8 million
    • The Rolling Stones, $39.6 million
    • Billy Joel, $31.7 million
    • One Direction, $24.2 million
    • Grateful Dead (Dead & Company), $23.8 million
    • Luke Bryan, $23.1 million
    • U2, $21.8 million
    • Adele, $20.5 million
    • Maroon 5, $19.2 million
  • Justin Timberlake has FINALLY released his new single “Can’t Stop the Feeling” Watch the video HERE!
  • The most non-breaking news ever: A bodyguard who was fired by Kanye West says “Kanye needs to chill the f out” and “he’s the most self-absorbed person.” The former Kanye bodyguard went on to say that they would go to restaurants together and he wasn’t ever offered a glass of water or soda ever.

Trending Local

  • Boise police will now be issuing citations for loud noise violations by drivers’ downtown. The police will be listening for loud stereos, modified mufflers and other forms of excessive noise. This could cost you from $65 to hundreds of dollars depending on the crime and court fees. Beware of these citations on 13th and 14th
  • Powerball is at $415 million ($269.7 million cash value)
  • Congratulations to the Boise State University class of 2016! Happy graduation tomorrow! Graduation is tomorrow at the Taco Bell Arena starting at 10am.

Trending Sports

  • Caitlyn Jenner is posing nude for the cover of Sports Illustrated. She isn’t completely nude, though. She’ll be wearing the American Flag and her Olympic gold medal.
  • The Kentucky Derby is this weekend but seems to be overshadowed by Mother’s Day, Captain America: Civil War and Donald Trump eating a taco salad bowl.

Trending News

  • Donald Trump posted this photo yesterday.


The Trump post was on Twitter and Facebook. One of the comments on Facebook from Andrea Mucino received a ton of attention. The comment was deleted by Trump's camp. However, one man came to the rescue and reposted it.

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