I've been traveling since I was about 20 years old and spent several Thanksgiving meals out to sea on the USS Sacramento, eating out of a vending machine in Alaska with the famous Oatmeal cookies on Turkey Day while on-air, working in the office in Boise, and eating a Totinos pizza from the Stinker Store.

I'm telling that because I'm not alone and some of us are just in different places in life. There is nothing wrong with you, it's okay and I'm here to share some tasty options for Thanksgiving. This also applies to a mom who just doesn't feel like cooking a meal this year.

Some of these options you'll need to call ahead because reservations could be full. I know that one of my favorite spots in Boise is a hot commodity on Thanksgiving and that's Barbacoa Grill on Parkcenter BLVD. I've always been a fan of the owners and they've always given back to our causes. There is also no doubt that their food is delicious! So, Barbacoa Grill WILL be open on Turkey Day. Check their website for reservation details or peep their Facebook page.

Looking for steak and some Downtown Boise options? Ruth's Chris Steakhouse is also another hot spot that is serving up a special 3-Course meal for Thanksgiving. Like Barbacoa, you need to call ahead to find out availability. Get more details on their website including a full Thanksgiving menu.

Looking for the busiest restaurant in Boise on this Turkey Day? The Cracker Barrel won't just be open but stay slammed for their amazing takeout menu on Thanksgiving. Mom, why do it yourself and when Cracker Barrel will do it for you. Nobody needs to know. Just put it on a few platters and BAM! Like the rest you will want to call ahead on takeout. Dining will be open to the public and more information on their website HERE.

Denny's, IHOP, and Applebee's are all open. This isn't the final list. The Treasure Valley is growing so damn fast that I'm sure I've missed several options. I hope you at least know that no need for gas station food when you have all these options

Have a great Thanksgiving.

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