If a guy is cheating on you and says he's going to play golf, that's the top excuse to free his time so he can meet up with someone else. Where did he say he was going when he was cheating on you? 

This isn't about slamming guys, here, it's about the top excuses guys give when they're cheating on their significant others.

First of all, let me offer some advice: If you're worried about him cheating, look into it. The hunch may be nothing but if you keep getting that sinking feeling in your stomach, it may be a sign something is happening.

Listen for these excuses:

  1. I'm going golfing. I mean, if he's a pro at a golf course, this isn't a sign he's cheating. If he doesn't play golf regularly, let's go ahead and assume this is a red flag.
  2. I have to work late. Tough one. Does he have a job that requires extra hours or did his extended days just pop up out of nowhere?
  3. I'm going out with friends. You can go out, too. Just sayin'.
  4. I'm going to the gym. Same thing with work. Is this a new thing? Is he actually getting in shape?
  5. I'm going grocery shopping. Again, not to clump all men in one category but I know of literally one guy who grocery shops on a regular basis.

Have you been cheated on? If so, where did he say he was headed?

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