Welcome to the Treasure Valley! Home to the Smurf Turf, Greenbelt, and a variety of drivers that call this area home. I've been able to identify four groups of drivers all with unique driving habits and tendency. So, which type of Treasure Valley driver are you?

The “Feel The Burn” Driver: Typically, you’ll find the “Feel The Burn” driver puttering around The North end of Boise and the Boise State University campus. The “Feel The Burn” driver is more than likely to be found behind the wheel of a Subaru but can also regularly be spotted in a variety of electric or hybrid vehicles. These drivers can be witnessed congregating around any place that pours craft beer, sells flannel button downs, or plays Indy rock, and most defiantly all of these drivers have a “Feel the burn” Burnie Sanders 2016 sticker on the back window of the vehicle.

The “Way Too Lifted” Truck Driver: The “Way Too Lifted” truck driver is arguably the most common on the streets of Idaho. You can easily spot this driver due to the fact he sits high above the rest of us (overcompensating for something?) in his/her lifted 4x4. A Ford, Dodge or Chevy enthusiast, this driver will usually floor the gas pedal when accelerating leaving a toxic cloud of exhaust behind. The “Way Too Lifted” truck driver can be seen adorning his/her chariot with matching oversized American flags, a cartoon “badass” peeing on his rival trucks brand or a metal replica ummmmm “member” on the trailer hitch. The male “Way To Lifted” drivers are typically attracted to women wearing pink camouflage, while the females are attracted to men that have obtained a higher level of education such as a G.E.D. Most commonly seen in Kuna Idaho.

The 2C Driver: The 2C driver, at first glance one of the most difficult drivers to spot. The 2C driver can be in any make/model of vehicle and can be found all over the Treasure Valley. If you think you’ve spotted a 2C driver but aren’t sure look for these three tell tail signs

  • 1) Have you seen the suspected 2C driver successfully or adequately merge? We've heard the 2C driver is incapable of merging correctly. Entering the highway too slow/fast, and erratically jerking over are all signs your in the presence of a 2C driver.
  • 2) Did the suspected 2C Driver use a turn signal? For some reason unbeknownst to us, it's been reported that the 2C driver is incapable of using a turn signal. If on the road and all of a sudden you realize the car next to you wants in your lane without warning, you’re probably dealing with a 2C driver.
  • 3) Does the suspected 2C driver have 2C license plates? If the driver is sporting the 2C license plate chances are they a 2C driver, but be cautious some 2C drivers have moved away from Canyon County. These are referred to as 2C Camouflage Drivers and have all the tendency’s of 2C motorists but have 1A plates.

The Cali-Idaho Driver :The most frustrating on the list, you’ll have no problem spotting a cali-idaho driver because they will find any excuse to bring up the fact that they are originally from California. Seen all over the Treasure Valley (usually in Starbucks drive-through) the cali-idaho driver is always in a hurry which generally means they rush up behind you in unnecessary panic. The cali-idaho driver is incapable of driving in the rain (or any other weather for that matter). Want to hear about how amazing In-And-Out burger in California is? Talk to the cali-idaho driver. Want to hear about how much cheaper Idaho is, talk to a cali-idaho driver.

Of course, this post is written all in good fun! In reality, the Treasure Valley has far superior drivers than most areas in the country (looking at you Ontario).

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