I had a step uncle who had a thing for lizards. He had a decent collection and had even built a massive outdoor aquarium for his large iguanas. He is no longer a part of the family and I can say honestly that he probably loved those lizards more than my cousins. This man may have a similar love for lizards. Either that or there is something else entirely going on here. One thing is for sure this will make you scratch your head.

According to Idaho News CBS 2, A man named Christopher Garcia from Caldwell got caught stealing lizards. Yes lizards. Surveillance saw him multiple times putting various lizards in his pockets from multiple pet stores around the Treasure Valley.

Christopher Garcia the lizard loving Idahoan is 49-years-old. His plan of taking the lizards almost worked. According to the police report Garcia would shop around and stall unsuspecting until there were no employees around. Then he would stick a lizard or two or three in his pocket and walk on out of the store.

Random thought but how weird would it feel to have a lizard in your pocket?

Lizard Thief, Boise Police Department
Lizard Thief, Boise Police Department

According to Boise Police Christopher Garcia who I like to call the Treasure Valley Lizard Thief was arrested on two counts of felony grand theft. He's currently being held in the Canyon County Jail. No word on if they found the lizards and how many lizards that he had. So what do you think, does Garcia just love lizards or is he stealing them to resell them? Your guess is as good as mine.

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