How would $10,000 change your life? I guarantee it would, in some way for all of us, come as a breath of fresh air.

I know if I scored a lucky $10,000 the first thing I would do is take a chunk out of my student loans.  We've all got those "bills" that loom over us. Or maybe, it's a vacation that you desperately need. It doesn't matter WHAT you spend this money on--I just want you to win it.

If you've been listening online, on our app, or on the radio, you've heard us (and those wrong guesses) attempting to open our safe. Do you find yourself screaming at your speakers because YOU know the 5 digit code that will open it up? Your chance to enter that code and win (cause obviously, you know it) happens IN PERSON this Thursday at Varsity Pub in Meridian!

Every Thursday is Ladies Night at Varsity Pub and this week, we've added a twist! YOU get to enter your attempt to Crack the code and WIN THE GOLD! 

Don't forget, as always, you can get in on 2 for 1 well drinks and 2 for 1 draft beer. So bring your girlfriends out THIS THURSDAY and take a stab at our safe.

The party starts at 10:00 p.m. and you can guess up until Midnight!

Varsity Pub is located on the corner of Eagle & Fairview!

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