All that debate over whether or not hoverboards are real may soon quiet down, thanks to one pretty cool stunt.

Guinness has verified a world record for longest ride by hoverboard, which could potentially silence those critics who say a hoverboard is nothing but a gimmick made popular in Back to the Future Part II.

A guy just broke the world record for longest hoverboard ride ever — and yes, it does work over water.

Catalina Alexandru Duru flew? soared? glided? 905 feet over a lake in Canada, smashing the recognized record of 164 feet.

Duru was about 16 feet over the water, which he did in case he crashes.

The record was actually set last August, but Guinness didn't post the video until last week, which makes us wonder why on earth it would hold back something so cool.

Duru is working on creating another prototype which they can sell down the line, insuring we'll be one step closer to the world Marty McFly inhabited.

Buckle yourself in an check out the whole video below.

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