This is a scenario I've never thought of before.  What would you want to happen with your frozen eggs if you died before you could use them?

That question is at the center of a very interesting case.  A young woman was diagnosed with cancer in her twenties.  Before undergoing treatment she had her eggs harvested and frozen so she could live out her dream of becoming a mom if she survived.  Sadly, she ended up passing away instead of making a recovery.

Now her mom wants to help fulfill her daughter's dying wish of having kids.  The 59-year-old mom understands that the chance of a pregnancy taking at her age is unlikely, but she might not even get the chance to try.  The young woman passed away so suddenly that she never had the chance to given written consent as to what should be done with her eggs.  Legally, her parents have no right to them.

The whole situation is morbid, but it makes me wonder what most women would want to have happen in this situation.  Worst-case scenario where you're no longer on this planet what would like to see happen?  Personally, I'd like to see mine donated to a family desperately trying to conceive a child with no success.  I feel like asking a family member to carry and care for my child after I was gone is selfish and too much of a burden on the people I loved.

How about you?