Months of the pandemic and now the election. Could we be more stressed out? I dare say no, which is why I believe we all need a day or two to completely decompress and forget about all the madness around us. Travel is and has been a concern for many of us, yet another reason why this much needed staycation is just what the doctor ordered. Allow me to suggest an overnight stay at Miracle Hot Springs in Buhl. Let me start painting the picture by sharing their websites description of the place.

     Miracle Hot Springs is truly a  Geothermal Oasis in the Desert. Rejuvenate year-round in the continuous flow of natural hot spring water that is soft to the touch and odorless with a sensational alkaline pH of 9.6. Come find out why most people say it is the best hot springs they’ve ever soaked in.

Now picture yourself in your own private pool, a full hour of bliss away from the world. Your body releasing all that pent up stress into the hot and soothing natural spring water. You're sipping on your favorite cold beverage to balance out the moment when you're summoned to the massage room for a couples massage. Since your mind is now at ease your muscles are about to get the much needed pampering they've been craving. After you massage you retire to your private glamping dome on the grounds. Quaint and cozy its everything you need at the moment, You round out the day with a choice dinner and sleep like a baby.

Now that you know what I'm doing this weekend, treat yourself we all deserve some sanity.  

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