Right now, Paige and I are only five days away from saying our vows and becoming a married couple. Until recently, we had planned everything that goes into weddings, but one aspect of our wedding just seemed off.

Paige and I had put together a wedding registry full of traditional wedding requests, but when the two of us really thought about it, we wondered, "what are we doing!?!"

We are a blessed little family and don't need anything other than a vacation. We set up a Honeyfund where you can donate to what they call a "familymoon." The number one reason we created this, was for our son, Lennox. There was no way, given Lennox's current health conditions, that we can do or go somewhere without him.

Friday night was a reminder that our son is doing better, but we just can't take the chances right now. I met Paige at the ER after my show on Friday, and we got Lennox home around 2 a.m. It's crazy that he talks now, so he can communicate if something is right or wrong. Unfortunately, on Friday something was off. Everything checked out okay with some more undetermined results. We should find out more this week before we head to Paige's hometown to get married.

So, it's five days and counting! You can speak about the journey in life and where you were to where you are. The only things that come to mind is Paige and Lennox. This little boy is so sweet. Last night I came to tears after buying him a little car. He was so excited! Paige looked at him and said, "Lennox, go give daddy a hug and tell him thank you." To my amazement without pause, Lennox put his car down and run through the kitchen into my arms and said, "tank you."


I only took a few photos this time, but I can see he notices. I've been trying to give him all the attention without the social distractions. This was a big daddy moment for me and there's no doubt how much I'm in love with this kid. Thanks to his mommy, I'm about to OFFICIALLY be the luckiest man on earth.

Five days and counting...