Live for 175

I Wanna Die. I Wanna Live. Save Me.
The annual child abuse prevention campaign, "Live For 175" is over. The challenge is to keep the message alive and I'm still getting messages of defeat. My last DM, "I wanna die." What do you do? Read this.
Live For 175 – Day 7
We're almost at the end of Year 10 of Live For 175. The Eagle Police got taken for a ride by CYCLEBAR, Cruise & Box and Kekeluv got to play cops, and so much more. Check out the photos below.
Live For 175 – Day 6
Michelle and Mateo had a dance-off, CYCLEBAR came back and kicked everyone's butt on the bike, and more. Check it all out below
Live For 175 – Day 5
April 26th is Denim Day and the Women's and Children's Alliance spent a rainy day with us out at the Village. The rain wasn't going to stop us from cycling to break the cycle, nor was it going to stop the Treasure Valley's finest. Boise Police Chief Bones and Ada Country She…

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