Excuse me. WHAT?!

Yesterday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended that women capable of getting pregnant should not drink alcohol at all unless they're using contraception.  The recommendation was given in hopes of reducing how many babies are born with fetal alcohol syndrome.

The CDC deputy director explained that half of US pregnancies are unplanned and even if a woman has been trying to get pregnant she likely won't know within the first month.  That means she might continue drinking even while she's already pregnant. She goes on to say the risk isn't worth that glass of wine or pint of craft beer you want to enjoy.

Fetal alcohol syndrome can cause birth defects, low IQ, learning disabilities and hyperactivity in children born with the diseases.

While I understand the reasoning behind this recommendation, I can't support it.  It's just unrealistic to have women sitting around thinking "what if I'm pregnant or get pregnant" every day.  We've already got enough other things in life to worry about.

The truth is NO form of birth control beside abstinence is 100% effective so you may still get pregnant on the pill, using shots or an IUD.  Many women also experience late or missed periods for reasons unrelated to pregnancy like stress or illness.  Does that automatically mean they can't go enjoy a friend's birthday party or other occasion because they "might be pregnant?"  I can't wrap my mind around that.