It's officially summer here in the Treasure Valley and while we're all running to our pools (or in my case, Michelle Heart's pool) it's important to remember that our pets have to watch out for the heat, too!

While I have a furry loving domestic short hair cat enjoying my air conditioned home, dogs need walked and it can sometimes be instinctual to want to walk the dog while it's "nice" out.  When it is hot outside to us, the pavement is only hotter, especially to a dogs paws!

Here are 3 ways to keep your dogs paws safe!


  • 1

    Know the Difference

    A chart provided by the Human Society shows that even when it is just 87 degrees outside to us, the pavement our dogs walk on can reach 143 degrees.  See this chart and more information on pavement temperature HERE.

  • 2

    Stick to Grass

    When the temperatures raise, walk your dog at the park instead of through the neighborhood or on sidewalks.  Parks will always have more shade for rest and walking on grass will keep your dogs paws happy! Boise even has some designated dog parks that you can check out HERE.

  • 3

    Buy Some Shoes

    Places like Amazon or even your local pet store should all carry shoes to protect your dogs feet.  Click HERE to see some examples.