New Music Friday 2/15
Valentines week hit us with some great new music to add to your 'Baelist' playlist. Or at least I know I added a few to mine this week!

He Wants Her To Sign a Relationship Contract??!
Some things just seem too odd to be true. If this wasn't my actual friend, I don't know if I'd believe that a guy really gave his potential girlfriend a 'relationship contract' detailing the outrageous guidelines he has for her and their relationship.
Single on Valentines? Who Cares
I love love as much as the next girl. Relationships and falling in love and being in love and spending Valentines Day with the most important person in you life.. those are all beautiful things. But I'm single, and that doesn't make me bitter on Valentines Day. Not this year, not any year.…
Dear Keke and Kat: I Found Evidence She Cheated
Do two wrongs make a right? This guy has already cheated.. but just found Plan B in the garbage after coming home from a trip early. Does he confront his fiance with the evidence or does he leave it alone to avoid her bringing up his infidelities?!

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