No, for real.  With the help of Dr. Sterling at Idaho Fat Loss, I'm going to drop the sympathy baby weight I put on while Paige was pregnant!

Today is Day 1 of our (Michelle Heart and Tawsha Box are in on this too) quest to lose 20-40 pound over the next 40 days.  We're all jumping on Dr. Sterling's NutriMost program that he created and took around the country before bringing it back to Boise.  Not only does the program help people burn fat to drop stubborn weight, but it has helped clients get over diabetes, fatty liver disease, heart problems, high blood pressure and joint pain.

The best part?  Idaho Fat Loss guarantees that you're going to lose the weight and feel better in your day to day life!  If you don't lose the weight, they're going to stick with you after the 40 days, put you through the program again at no cost and help you reach your goal.  No fad diet plan is going to do that for you!

Plus, this isn't a "diet."  It's a lifestyle change that takes into account what YOUR body needs to get toxins out of your body and biological stressors that our out of range back into line so your metabolism is working right!

We're going to share every step of this quest with you, but if you heard Dr. Sterling on the air with us this morning and want more information you can find it at or by giving them a call at 844-ByByFat.