This is a special blog dedicated to the people that barely get a thank you after their day ends. These are this month's Invisible Heroes.

One weekend a year ago our little family suffered an emergency that will forever make an imprint on our lives. It was mystery health emergency in the middle of the night last year that almost claimed our son's life. My wife would probably get upset to hear me say that, but it's true even if we don't want to talk about it.

Kekeluv and Lennox with his stocking at the foot of the hospital bed.

I'm not just bringing this up because it's been one year, but more importantly to call attention to the fact that we're not alone. I've met so many families that call in to check on our son and express their good wishes. There have been several times that a mom has called in and I found out we rode in the same elevators during that time a year ago. So many families, unfortunately, fall victim to circumstances they have no control over. I watched my wife in tears today as my son's fever started to reach 102. I can read her thoughts as he was saying, "hurts...hurts..." We found ourselves back in the doctor's office wondering if the next stop would be an E.R. visit.


To most people you have no idea and I can say that because I never did. We live in fear every day wondering if our son's health is better. To be completely honest, we'll be living on pins and needles until December 25. We spent Christmas in a hospital bed last year for our son's first holiday. I guess you could say we flashback every day at this point. That brings me to this blog.

I wanted to share a photo that a father sent into me during my show this week. This unbelievable dad just wanted to shout out to his daughter, another patient listening on our Radiopup APP, and the staff at St.Luke's Children's Hospital for going above and beyond for the children. They sent me some photos, and I felt it was imperative that I shared them with you. These are the invisible heroes that don't get talked about. I'm speaking from experience when I say, unappreciated is an understatement. I got so frustrated some nights with nurses because we lived in that room and stood there in fear for our son. These doctors and nurses have to deal with stressed out families 24 hours a day. I can't even imagine the bonds that are built and the hearts that get broken. I'm speaking of the stories we don't hear about.

Invisible Heroes

These are the kids that got my shout while attending a Dr. Seuss party hosted by St. Luke's finest. I've gotten to know a lot of these doctors and nurses. Some people look up to star athletes and performers while I see these Idahoans as my heroes. They won't win an MVP award or receive a special parade. They will just clock out, go home, and come back to your bedside the next day.

What award do you give to the nurses, doctors, and surgeons that saved your son's life?

Help me show them some love by sharing this blog to make sure EVERYONE knows who they are.

These are my invisible heroes this month.