You saw these three rock their events in Rio this past summer, now they're taking a stand against child abuse with 103.5 KISS FM! 

Kristin Armstrong

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The entire Treasure Valley got up at stupid o'clock in the morning this summer to watch Boise's own Kristin attempt to win her third gold medal in the Women's Individual Time Trial in Rio and she didn't disappoint.  After coming out of retirement for the games, Kristin gave everyone watching one of the most memorable moments on the Summer Olympics. When she finished and turned to her team she had one question, "did I win?" before collapsing to the ground from exhaustion. After the medical staff checked her out, she got a huge hug from her five year old son Lucas who said "Mama, why are you crying? You Won!" Her answer? "That's what we do, we cry when we're happy."  The pictures of their embrace and mom sharing her medal with her son after the medal ceremony are so touching, they make us cry.  Through that moment with her own family and Kristin's involvement in FitOne (benefiting the St. Luke's Children's Hospital,) it's clear how much the kids mean to her! We're honored that the first U.S. female to ever win gold three times in the same event is standing with us on the front lines against Child Abuse!

Jordin Andrade

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Former Boise State Bronco, Jordin Andrade made headlines in Rio after he was disqualified from the 400 meter hurdle prelims for hitting one of the hurdles with his foot.  I know that serving one season as a high school Track and Field hardly makes me an expert, but when I saw the still photos of that moment I knew it was BS.  So did Jordin! He filed a protest against the referee's decision, won and was reinstated to run in the semi-finals in Rio!

He's an all around awesome guy and we're so happy that he took our Not in Our House Pledge on Wednesday!

Emily Infeld

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When the NCAA Indoor Track National Championships were held at the Jackson's Indoor Track in Nampa, I went to see Emily run.  I ran against her in Ohio when I was in high school (or should I say I ran really far behind her.) At the time she was a junior at Georgetown and won the 3000 meter title at that meet.  After graduation, she went on to run track professionally.  One of the biggest moments of her career was winning the bronze medal in the 10,000 meter run at the 2015 World Championships when USA teammate Molly Huddle celebrated prematurely before crossing the finish line.  In a matter of tenths of seconds, Emily was able to pass her and take 3rd place.  She went on to compete in event again at the Rio Olympics this past summer.  From the few times I got to talk to her when her school came to a meet at mine, I can tell you she's one of the sweetest, most humble, strong women you'll ever meet! We sincerely appreciate her support for Live for 175 with this retweet!

Who's Next?

Hailey native and snowboarding gold medalist Kaitlyn Farrington (@kaitlynfarr,) BK alum knight/Olympian/World Championship Silver Medalist Nick Symmonds (@nicksymmonds,) BSU Olympic gymnasts Courtney McGregor (@courtneymcgym) and Isabella Amando (@iss96)?  Tweet them our "Not in Our House" pledge and let's add to this list of superstars! Click HERE to download the sign and send it to them!