In a recent online graphic making the rounds on social media, Idaho has become the focus of an unexpected narrative.

Among the various reasons highlighting each state's appeal for visitors, Idaho sticks out with a blunt and seemingly discouraging tag: "Where you never go."

While some might interpret this as a jab at the Gem State, Idahoans are instead finding humor about this, and even a silver lining. Contrary to the reactions one might expect, Idahoans are embracing this with excitement!

Why? What is the reason behind this?

It's no secret that Idaho has seen a significant influx of newcomers from other states, particularly from California, and especially since 2019 and 2020. However, amidst the influx of visitors and new residents, locals have mixed feelings about the rapid growth and the strain it puts on resources and infrastructure, and they really want people to stop coming here.

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The above graphic painting Idaho as a place to avoid is actually serving as a shield against over-tourism and rapid population growth. Idahoans, it seems, are quite content to let the misconception linger if it means preserving their beloved state's charm and tranquility.

This is crystal clear when you're checking out the comments of the viral post, where Idahoans playfully reinforce the idea that their state is best left unexplored. With comments like "Nothing to see in Idaho, folks. Move along," garnering hundreds of likes, only showing the community's united stance in detouring potential visitors and newcomers.

So, while the rest of the country may believe the lie that Idaho is a place to avoid, locals see it as a blessing in disguise!

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