Seattle Seahawk FUNK Baby!
The Superbowl is just days away and Seattle fans are FUNKING you UP!  Peep the Seatown remix of Uptown Funk.  Go hawks!
Huggie’s Text To The 208 “Weird Texts”
Huggie's #TextToThe208 .. So, I don't have your numbers, but you have ours :) 384-1035.. Talk to you today from 2-7?? What's the "weirdest text" anyone has ever sent you, and be honest! If you have a screen shot, feel free to share :) ... I'll read the best ones…
Huggie’s Vent About Ugly Sweaters [VIDEO]
Remember when you couldn't go to the local Walmart, or Target, or Gordmon's to purchase what everyone now-a-days considers an "Ugly Sweater"?? You would have to wait for Christmas Eve to unwrap the sweater that your Grandma, or Great Grandma, knitted for you. I had to vent about the "…
Baby Confused When Meeting Twins [VIDEO]
Honestly, if I was this baby.. at this age.. I would be concerned too! Like, at this point in a small child's life I would think when he comes across his reflection he's going to be like ... "Whaaaaaa da"! I still get this way when I see twins out in public, and I'm …
Breaking Down Pop Music…In Song??
It's pretty amazing how on-point this song is. Marianas Trench broke it down so perfect, from the words used in pop songs today, harmonies sung in 3rds not 4ths. This is a pretty genius song.

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