Huggie’s Text To The 208 “Weird Texts”
Huggie's #TextToThe208 .. So, I don't have your numbers, but you have ours :) 384-1035.. Talk to you today from 2-7?? What's the "weirdest text" anyone has ever sent you, and be honest! If you have a screen shot, feel free to share :) ... I'll read the best ones…
Huggie’s Vent About Ugly Sweaters [VIDEO]
Remember when you couldn't go to the local Walmart, or Target, or Gordmon's to purchase what everyone now-a-days considers an "Ugly Sweater"?? You would have to wait for Christmas Eve to unwrap the sweater that your Grandma, or Great Grandma, knitted for you. I had to vent about the "…
Baby Confused When Meeting Twins [VIDEO]
Honestly, if I was this baby.. at this age.. I would be concerned too! Like, at this point in a small child's life I would think when he comes across his reflection he's going to be like ... "Whaaaaaa da"! I still get this way when I see twins out in public, and I'm …
Breaking Down Pop Music…In Song??
It's pretty amazing how on-point this song is. Marianas Trench broke it down so perfect, from the words used in pop songs today, harmonies sung in 3rds not 4ths. This is a pretty genius song.

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