Ever since I went on my first date when 14 I have 95% of the time paid for the meal. I could be wrong  or I could be right in doing this but I want your opinion.

For every date I have paid for I only regret paying for 3-4. In my mind if I have money to treat a lady out for a meal why not. But as expenses have grown as I have become more of an adult what would you say the rules are.

I have heard all of them. If a guy offers  to take a girl out then he should pay and if its vice versa the girl should pay for the meal. I have also heard of going "dutch". If you are unsure of where the date is going or if its a first date you each pay your own pay.

I want to know how you feel about it. Have I been wronged for years ( again if I can I don't mind) but should a woman step-up and offer to pay.