Most people who watched Euphoria Sunday night (Feb. 27) tuned in to see what would happen to Rue, Fezco, Maddy, Lexi, Cassie and the rest of the crew during the final episode of the show's second season. Others, however, checked in to see if Addison Rae actually made a cameo in the highly anticipated finale.

The TikTok star fed into rumors about a potential appearance when she encouraged fans to check out the show in a post on Twitter.

"Don't forget to watch Euphoria tonight," she tweeted a few hours before the episode began.

After turning the rumor mill, she chimed back in with a follow-up tweet that made it seem like she was trolling viewers: "Why's everyone freaking out? I was just posting a friendly reminder since it's Sunday."

Although Rae rose to fame on TikTok, she has since crossed over and found success as both a musician and an actor. Last year she inked a deal to appear in several more Netflix projects after she starred in He's All That on the platform.

Considering her massive following and evolving career, it wouldn't be totally out of place for her to appear alongside Zendaya and Sydney Sweeney in Euphoria.

But did the rumored cameo actually happen? Read on to find out!

Was Addison Rae in the Season 2 Finale of Euphoria?

Long story short: No, Addison Rae did not make an appearance in the Season 2 finale of Euphoria.

The already established cast finished out a dramatic season without a glimpse of the "Obsessed" singer.

Rumors About Addison Rae Joining Euphoria

Addison Rae's cryptic tweets fanned the flames of a rumor about a potential cameo on Euphoria. However, whispers about the possibility appear to have started following a fan campaign in early February 2022.

According to PopBuzz, Rae's fans imagined her on the show after she posted an edgy photo shoot on Instagram. The photos, in which she wears angel wings while posing in a stairwell, do have a vibe that is similar to Euphoria, particularly Jules' Season 1 Halloween costume.

Check out the pics below:

The publication also notes that Rae expressed interest in appearing on the show and gushed about several of its actors in an interview with MTV.

While a cameo didn't work out during Season 2, something could very easily be in the works for the show's third season. Rae and her fans would obviously love for that to become a reality, but it does seem like it would be a polarizing casting choice.

Several naysayers took to Twitter to complain about the possibility: "If Addison Rae gets casted to Euphoria, I will stop watching dont disrespect Euphoria like that fr," one user wrote.

However, others cheered their fav on. "Haters gonna HATE," one fan wrote. "We want you in Euphoria queen," another gushed.

Check out some of the best responses to rumors of an Addison Rae cameo on Euphoria below:

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