Someone claiming to be an Amazon employee allegedly filmed the moment be became "trapped" by robots while working at one of the company's enormous warehouses. His video of the whole ordeal has gone viral on TikTok.

User @robotman77 was apparently retrieving items for customers from an area of shelving when he suddenly realized the way out had been blocked by large, yellow, automated moving shelves containing Amazon items awaiting packing and shipment.

In the video, the user paces the aisles as he attempts to find a way out of the robot-curated maze of yellow shelves.

As he tries various paths in a seemingly futile attempt to escape, robots continue to move shelves around him, further blocking his path as his surroundings constantly shift and change. (The whole thing reminds us a bit of short horror film The Backrooms.)

"They tried to block me in," the employee says. "These pods are messing with me!"

The robots continue to make it difficult for our TikTok hero to navigate the floor, and the video ends before users actually see his narrow escape.

"It can sometimes get crazy. Them robots like to mess around," @robotman77 captioned the clip.

Watch his nerve-wracking TikTok, below:

"The robots at work trap[ped] me. It took me like 15 minutes to get out," @robotman77 wrote in a text overlay on his viral video, which has so far racked up over 191,000 likes.

Reports of this sort of thing happening don't seem to bubble up too often, but given Amazon's investment in automation and efficiency, it certainly doesn't seem impossible.

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