When I signed up for Amazon Prime, I always planned on cancelling it once my 30 day free trial was up…until I realized how much it’s revolutionized my life.

My husband rolls his eyes overtime another Amazon product arrives on our doorstep because he thinks it’s made me lazy.  I call it a matter of convenience. Yes, I know that Ulta carries the shampoo and conditioner that I like, but after a 10 hour work day do I want to battle all the construction and traffic around Boise Towne Square Mall to restock? No. I most certainly do not. I much rather open up Amazon, click order and have it waiting for me when I get home from work in a few days.

He’s become a little less of an Amazon hater after discovering that I logged my Prime account into our televisions and that Prime Video offers hundreds of movies and TV shows that you can’t get on Netflix for FREE.

If you’re an Amazon Prime lover, no doubt you took advantage of the offer they had with Whole Foods for Prime Day: spend $10 on food at the Boise store leading up to Prime Day and they’ll credit your Prime account with $10 to spend on anything you want on Prime Day.  (I used mine to restock the body wipes I carry in my gym bag! I was stoked to knock the price of those down to $5.)

If you missed out, turn that frown upside down. There’s a similar way to get FREE money to spend on Amazon right now! When you buy at least $50 worth of Amazon.com Gift Cards (digital or physical) through the website or app, apply the promo code “19GIFTCARD” when you check out.  As a thank you, they’ll give you a $15 promotional credit within two days of your purchase.  You can use that money toward any product or combination of products sold through Amazon.com in new condition through February 6, 2020.

You can only use the offer once, but hey…if you’re someone like me looking at a gym bag that costs $82, why not gift yourself $50 worth of gift cards and get that bonus $15 to put toward the total? With that credit, my bag would only cost $67! I’m all about the savings!

The money's there for you to claim! Why not use it? Happy shopping!

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