Want to spend more time in your backyard, but maybe you don't have great patio or you need some shade?  Amazon has the answer and it will only take you 8 hours to put it together yourself.  Consider it, an adult Lego project.  Amazon to the rescue.  This is an amazing looking tiny space for your backyard.

(courtesy of Amazon)
(courtesy of Amazon)

It's just 172 square feet but has plenty of room to entertain a friend or two or just chill while reading or watching Netflix on tablet.  If you have 8 hours, you can put it together yourself, like one big erector set or Lego project.  Maybe you have some friends over to help you and you throw in some margaritas and it's a party! It doesn't include HAV or electricity, so you'd have to add that yourself, if you think you're handy enough.

How much will this little project set you back?  Only $7,250.  Clearly not just a little project, but for something of an investment.  You could even turn it into an airbnb and make your money back.  Now for the bad news...it's sold out, at least for now.

The Treasure Valley has the perfect weather in Spring and Summer, so this could be a cool project. Maybe this will inspire your next DIY project to turn your backyard into something more than a kiddy pool and bbq pit. Or you can just stay inside and chill, like most people seem to do these days.


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