A woman shared she refused when her dad — who lost his wife to cancer a few years ago — asked if he could propose to his girlfriend during her wedding reception.

On Reddit, the bride-to-be wrote she was "shocked" by her dad's request to propose to his girlfriend at her upcoming wedding. She detailed that planning her wedding without her mom has been "very emotional," and that she found her dad's request inappropriate. She explained her relationship with her dad's new girlfriend has been tricky, too, as she feels their relationship is moving too fast.

It all started during a trip to her dad's house, where he showed her a video of a bride about to toss her bouquet. The bride in the video suddenly hands the flowers to a bridesmaid, who then turns around and finds herself getting proposed to.

The bride-to-be thought the video was "cute" — until she realized it was how her dad wanted to propose to his girlfriend.

"I was shocked and asked if he was serious. He said he had been thinking about it and this is what he wanted to do to make it special and to show that I am welcoming her into the family," she wrote via Reddit, according to The Mirror. "I told him that he was going to have to figure something else out because that day is about my future husband and me and that we were spending a ton of money for our special day. His argument was that it would be a 'five-minute thing' and then it would go back to being my day."

She noted that her dad "loves being the center of attention" and knows he would make the entire day about him getting engaged.

"I know my family would be gossiping about it because of how recent it has been since my mom passed. When people think back to my wedding, I don't want them to just remember my dad’s proposal," she continued. "I told him that especially because he is not offering to contribute to the wedding, it was completely out of the question. I explained that I really think his girlfriend would be uncomfortable with all of that attention on her too."

The next day, the woman's dad tried to "guilt trip" her for saying no, telling her he was disappointed that she didn't want to be involved in something "so special."

Users in the comments section rallied behind the bride-to-be.

"Honey, he wants to bum your fancy location and professional photographer to capture his moment! He's wanting to ride your coattails and snatch your spotlight. Saying 'no' once is enough, the fact he keeps pushing makes me think he'll try it anyways," one person wrote.

"Assign someone to keep an eye on him and hustle him to the door if he even tries to grab a microphone. And you might want to consider skipping the bouquet toss altogether… it’s an outdated tradition anyway," another user commented.

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