AUDIO: We Talk to FFG (Foot Fetish Guy)
The outcome? A really raw, honest conversation from a regular, everyday guy who has a foot fetish. FFG sounds like every normal guy. He could be the guy in the cubicle next to you and you'd never know it.

New Music: Friday Faves 5/17
This was the best week of new music of the year so far by far. Follow my new music picks via my Friday Faves playlist on Spotify below! Just search 'kitkatfisher' on Spotify.

Foot Fetish Guy: The Update
Well, there's an update, and it's pretty amazing. He agreed to call in today at 9a his time, so 10a here in Boise to chat about this fetish. Since I was cool about it, he didn't feel weird like I was going to bash him. Everyone's into something, who says feet are weird?!

#KatFished: Episode 17- Shayla vs DJ
Shayla found some Tinder notifications and DJ lied his way out of it, then her friend saw him at a bar with another girl and again he lied his way out of it. So is he actually on Tinder?

Dear Keke and Kat: Found Out My Mom is Cheating
This is uncomfortable. Imagine finding out that one of your parents is cheating on the other one, and no one else knows. What would you do? How do you handle that? Is it your place to say something to your parent, or do you leave it alone?

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