"Just because my album's name is Stripped does not mean that you can take my clothes off," a young Christina Aguilera says over the opening notes of the 2002 classic "Dirrty."

This is the basis for Aguilera's latest TikTok, which sees her bringing back her iconic style from the Stripped era for its Oct. 22 anniversary.

She stands with a black wrap on before throwing it at the camera and transforming into a white corset top and silver mini skirt complete with fishnet tights and knee-high black boots.

The best part of it all is her platinum blonde and black-streaked hair, the style that fans associate with the Stripped era.

Even her makeup seems to be a callback to the early-00s, as well as the black bandana over her hair.

"My inner child who was OBSESSED with the Stripped era is SO HAPPY RN!!!" one fan commented on the TikTok.

Another said, "When she dresses as herself for Halloween."

"This ALBUM needs to be relaunched. Younger generations need to know the inspiration of today's music," someone else wrote, which was aptly timed as Aguilera just released the 20th anniversary edition of the Stripped album.

The album's influence is still heard today through artists like Demi Lovato, Sabrina Carpenter, Miley Cyrus, and more.

Lovato's 2017 album Tell Me You Love Me was even heavily inspired by Stripped.

Stripped is critically acclaimed to this day and represented a turning point in Aguilera's career as a teen pop star.

The album launched her "alter ego" Xtina and let Aguilera bloom as a young woman taking charge of her sexuality and identity, as well as combining elements of an array of genres from R&B to rock and Latin.

On Oct. 18, Aguilera celebrated the album's milestone anniversary on Twitter.

"My favorite memory was just, I mean, the freedom to finally do what I wanted to do. As an artist, telling my stories, my personal messages for the first time. It was so important to me on my sophomore album that I truly made music that represented who I was," she said.

She added, "Stripped gave me the strength and freedom as an artist to tell my story the way I wanted. Thank you to all of my fighters around the world for amplifying that strength and giving me the space to continue to share myself in my truest forms, #20YearsOfStripped more to come."

On Oct. 19, the singer also released an updated music video for her Stripped ballad "Beautiful."




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