In a since-deleted TikTok, Doja Cat appeared to mock Amber Heard's testimony from her court case with Johnny Depp.

Earlier this week, the "Woman" singer shared a joke video about her dog stepping on a bee. In it, she replicated Heard's expressions from when the actress shared a similar story from the witness stand during her and Depp's trial earlier this year.

"She was just running around in the grass, and she steps on a bee," Doja said in the clip. "So you all know what time it is..." The hit-maker proceeded to wince like Heard while saying "my dog stepped on a bee."

"I, as a dog owner, can now finally say it with sincerity," she wrote on the video, which was deleted just hours after she posted it on TikTok.

Watch the since-deleted clip below:

Although Doja removed the video from TikTok, it is still circulating on Twitter. Users there appear to be less than impressed with her poking fun at Heard.

"It breaks my heart that a celebrity with a platform as large as Doja's would choose to mock Amber Heard discussing the aftermath of her sexual assault instead of supporting her," one Twitter user wrote. "Amber deserves support, not more harassment, not more hate."

"I love Doja but she has the same humor as pimply teenage inches so I'm not surprised she thinks that dog stepped on a bee thing is peak comedy," another user tweeted.

"doja cat mocking amber heard talking about the sexual assault she went through is so disgusting like she knows she has a platform that many young women follow her on and this is what she does with it? i am literally so disappointed," someone else wrote.

During her time in court with Depp, Heard was humiliated on social media, where countless users made memes mocking her testimony.

In court, both Depp and Heard were found liable for defamation.

Twitter users pointed out that Doja was making fun of a victim in her video. Some also alluded to her online feud with teenage Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp, as well as her working relationship with producer Dr. Luke, who has been accused of abusing Kesha.

"Doja Cat will work with dr luke, message an underage stranger things cast member to hook her up with his cast mate who is pushing 30, and now she mocks amber heard's sexual assault testimony," one user tweeted. "Absolute garbage person."

Doja does not appear to have addressed the clip at the time of publishing.

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