Doja Cat halted her performance at Lollapalooza Argentina for more than four minutes after spotting signs of distress from a group in the audience.

The hit-maker was in the middle of her song "Options" when she noticed that something appeared to be amiss, according to Billboard. Instead of continuing with the number, Doja called for the sound to be cut and refused to start back up again until she was assured all was well.

“Somebody needs help over there," she said. "Is that right? Am I right? Somebody needs help?”

"We can't have that happening," she added as the crowd responded to the sudden break in her set.

Doja watched in concern from the stage as she tried to get a better grasp of the situation. She asked fans in the general vicinity to signal that all was well. Later in the break she specified that she would not resume performing until one specific fan said that it was safe.

"I'm sorry; I can't keep going if things aren't good," she explained.

The singer added that the audience's safety was important and not worth risking.

“Listen, you guys. It’s nobody’s fault. This stuff happens. There’s a lot of people, and people get crushed," she said. "It’s a lot. If you could see the point of view that I’m seeing it from, it’s a lot of people."

"This kind of stuff, it happens. Don’t get, you know, sad or upset.”

Check out the viral footage below:

Billboard noted that Doja resumed her set with a rendition of her bubbly chart-topper "Say So."

She does not appear to have commented on the matter on social media. However, fans weighed in on her smart and compassionate decision to prioritize audience safety.

"This is not a shade or a fake act for compliments, artists are much aware," one Twitter user wrote. "The more the crowd the more attention,focus and communication needed."

"Now THAT'S how you show you truly love [your] fans," another tweeted.

After wrapping her set at Lollapalooza Argentina, Doja Cat traveled to Chile for another performance.

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