Today is National Scavenger Hunt day. Yup, they make holidays for everything. National Today says, "Though no one knows the true origin of the first scavenger hunts, which evolved from folk games, Elsa Maxwell has been credited with the creation and popularization of the scavenger hunt in the 1930’s. Elsa Maxwell, an American author, gossip columnist, actress, songwriter, screenwriter, and radio personality who was dubbed “hostess with the mostest”, had an affinity for throwing luxurious and entertaining parties for celebrities, political figures, and New York’s elite. She often organized scavenger hunts for the guests, that involved roaming around town, seeking objects from a list."

I was curious if we had Scavenger Hunts here in Idaho and was delightfully surprised with what I found. There are quite a few fun scavenger hunt games to be played around Boise and Idaho. It is a super fun way for locals to learn and see things they may not have known about the city and state and a great way to introduce newbies and visitors with the area.

Operation City Quest is a national company who specializes with scavenger hunts in various cities. "Using your smartphone, you'll be given a list of items to find in the form of riddles and challenges to complete on our scavenger hunt app. You'll go look for the item described in the riddle, complete the accompanied challenge, and send in a photo to get points. Your points will show up on the app's leaderboard so you can see how you're doing compared to teams all across the country!"

Crazy Dash is a national company who specializes with scavenger hunts in various cities. "A digital photo scavenger hunt that allows you to explore either your city or a new city in a unique way! The adventure uses a scavenger hunt app to give you a list of fun and crazy tasks to complete, as well as some fun things to look for and find around the city."

Wacky Walks is a "royalty themed interactive scavenger hunt. It is similar to a board game, in which the power, or control, of the game shifts from one player to another and instead of a board, you'll be exploring the streets of your city with our scavenger hunt app on your phone to complete the game."

3Quest Challenge "is an interactive scavenger hunt that allows you to explore your city to complete 3 quests using our scavenger hunt app on your smartphone."

Zombie Scavengers is a zombie themed scavenger hunt that tests your ability to survive after a zombie apocalypse. The game will have you explore the city, where you will collect survival items for your team.

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