Twitter was left in stitches after a user shared a brutally honest Father's Day card their brother once gave to their dad.

In the card, the son issued a warning to his dad, letting him know that their mom could walk out the door when he least expected it if the dad didn't get his act together.

The card read:

Happy Father's day pa! I'm happy mum hasn't left you yet despite your gut and boobs. Having split parents would suck. But never get too confident because it could happen at any moment.

Love, Louie

See the Father's Day card in all its glory below:

Twitter users cracked up at the "savage" card.

"I'm deadddd he woke up that day and chose violence," one person wrote.

"Came out of the womb and went straight for Pa’s jugular," another person shared.

"I bet dad hit the gym and started a diet after reading this… he was never the same," someone else replied.

"Fathers Day card or warning card?" another user asked.

On his own Twitter, Louie gave an update letting everyone know that his parents are "still together." He also apologized for his handwriting.

And if you assumed Louie is a little kid, plot twist: He's actually 24.

"It's funny because people are like 'damn kids are mean' ... Louie is 24," his sibling revealed in a follow-up tweet.

Former president Richard Nixon signed Father's Day into law in 1972, declaring the holiday would be celebrated annually on every third Sunday in June. It has been a permanent national holiday ever since.

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