Call me a geek if you want, but I'm shook!  I wasn't ready for Downtown Abbey to end.  I'd even do that thing where you can disguise your IP address, just so I could watch the episodes online before they made to PBS.  Now, the first movie trailer is out and I can't wait to watch the movie.

The Downtown Abbey film takes place in 1927, 2 years after the original series ended.  From the trailer, we see almost all of the original cast, including a return from retirement of Carson, The Butler.  Dame Maggie Smith, reprises her role as the sarcastic Dowager countess.  The story will wrap up some loose ends from the series and focus on a visit from the King George V and Queen Mary of England, to Downtown Abbey.

The movie isn't out until September, but you can check out the trailer

If you haven't seen Downtown Abbey, it's a lot more drama filled than you might imagine.  You can binge watch the whole series with Amazon Prime.  If you are a fan, now would be a good time, to start over with the series and get ready for September 2019!  You get more info on the movie and go behind the scenes HERE.

The only real question I have before seeing the movie is, what kind of snack is appropriate to eat, while watching Downtown Abbey?  Somehow, Sourpatch Kids, just don't seem appropriate.  :)



(courtesy of Focus Features)