Could it be? Will Garth Brooks finally make his way through Boise for a big show on the blue? If this was just a rumor I probably would try to just get your clicks. I'm getting this information from my friend Don Day at BoiseDev.

Don is laying out a long extensive research diagram that includes letters to lawyers and documents that lead him to believe this might be happening.

I just ran next door to our sister station WOW Country 104.3 and Rick (Rick and Carly) just recently wrote an article about the news too. I just asked him and there are 3 open dates in July that are pretty significant.

This seems to be a subject that even my wife sent me a text as soon as I mentioned it this morning.


I was reading further and I guess that Coach Harsin has further commented on the rumor,

I found out about that last week. We'll adjust our summer plans, but it is what it is...If it's him, I'd certainly like to be a part of it. - Coach Harsin

Don Day writes a more in-depth story and I'll definitely keep everyone posted because there is a rumor. I really didn't think a 35k venue would make the cut but if you did that show over three days? That's a different story.

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