A man shared that his wife is furious with him after he failed to "defend" her on their wedding day when his step-sister showed up to the ceremony in white.

On Reddit, the man explained his step-sister showed up to their wedding ceremony wearing white, upsetting his bride.

"I recently married my beautiful wife. This wedding was something she stressed about for a long time as she is a major perfectionist and the type who has dreamed of her wedding her entire life. My mom flew in for the wedding. She lives abroad with her husband and one of her stepdaughters came with her," he wrote via Reddit.

"My mom and I have an awkward relationship and she was already a bit pissy that she had to come to the U.S. for my wedding when I didn't go to hers (did not feel safe in that country). I've never met her husband before or her stepdaughter," he continued.

The man explained that everything was "OK" until his step-sister showed up to the wedding wearing a "sparkly white" dress.

"I immediately saw my wife's face drop. I said maybe she didn't know as women in her country wear red. My wife said that was no excuse as my mom would have known. I said I wasn't sure if she would. She didn't spend that long in the U.S. and she hated it. She hardly interacted with anyone when she did live here and moved the moment her divorce was final. I'm really not sure how much she picked up on American customs when she didn't interact," he wrote.

When his bride asked him to "kick" his step-sister out of the ceremony, the man didn't feel "comfortable" doing so as they had "such a long flight and spent so much time and money" getting there.

In his Reddit post, he wrote that he tried to tell his bride that everyone would know who the bride was and that she did not need to worry, but she was devastated.

"As the wedding went on I could see it was really affecting her ability to enjoy, and her friends kept bringing it up. I finally asked mutual family to ask them to leave, but my wife feels it was too little too late and that I didn't defend her. She says as women there is no way they didn't know, especially my mom, and that I chose to play dumb because I didn't want the confrontation," he concluded.

Users rallied behind the new bride in the comments, suggesting the groom should have said something to his family.

"Your wife is right. You didn't defend her. You didn't feel comfortable confronting a direct insult to your wife, at her specific request, at your wedding," one person wrote.

"The problem was not that you gave them the benefit of the doubt. The problem is that you're so conflict-avoidant with your mother that you wouldn't address something that was an obvious problem for your wife on your wedding day. Presumably you want this to be your wife's only wedding day, so it would have been appropriate to help problem-solve this issue," another commented.

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