In case you're one of the few people in the world not going to see "the last" Avengers Movie, Avengers: End Game, this weekend, here's some things to know about the movie.  SPOILER ALERT: We know that several characters die( I won't say which ones), other characters get new names/titles and begin a new journey.  The end-credits feature the signatures of the actors who play the Avengers and a couple of other Easter eggs(hidden references or story elements) that set us up for the future of the Avengers, which are rumored to include a whole new direction and at least three movies set to release in 2021. 2022 and 2023.

Before you get to all of that though, maybe while you're online buying your tickets for a showing this weekend, you should have a little fun with Google.  Google Thanos.  When the page comes up, click on the Thanos hand on the right hand side of the Google page.  Thanos takes over and does some magic.  Again SPOILER ALERT:  If you don't want to be a good sport and have some fun, I'll tell you what happens. Thanos begins to remove Google searches, images and link from the Google page.  It's a little Google Easter egg.  After you've had your fun, go see this movie and be sure to get lots of snacks, use the bathroom before the movie starts, because you won't want to leave and enjoy.


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