It appears that Boise State could've been a member of the AAC after all. According to a new tweet from CBS Sports College Football Guru Dennis Dodd, Covid concerns and a leadership issues were factors that torpedoed the Bronco's move East.

Dodd wrote an article last December that revealed that Boise State was in serious talks to join the American Athletic Conference as its twelfth member. The challenges were what they've always been, the distance from Boise to other locations on the East Coast. The Broncos also would have to find homes for their other sports since they would be a football-only member of the AAC.

AAC and Boise State again?

Does this sound familiar? You recall Boise State did move to the Big East briefly before that conference became a basketball-only conference. The Broncos had to pay the Big East/AAC an exit fee to join the Mountain West. The fortunes have changed for both the AAC and Boise State since that fateful union did not happen. The AAC has sent many teams to the New Years Six games, while the Broncos have not been in the big dance since their Fiesta Bowl win in 2014.

This report from Dodd would explain the frustration with the Mountain West that then-head football coach Bryan Harsin expressed. It looks like the time of the discussions between the Broncos and the ACC was about the same time as Harsin advocated leaving the Mountain West.

Kustra and Tromp

CBS Sports obtained internal emails from the decision makers at the highest levels.  A few quotes from former BSU President Bob Kustra to current President Marlene Tromp. Kustra expressed his concern about the leadership of the AAC. While the AAC Commissioner wrote about how Boise State had used the American Conference to gain leverage for a better deal in the Mountain West back in 2012.

A post Covid Reconciliation

Could we see another run from BSU to the AAC? Dodd says those discussions are over for now. However, we expect a report from the college football subcommittee that will examine whether or not it's time to expand the college football playoff from four teams to eight or possibly twelve. If that happens, could we see another round of conference expansion? If so, Boise State would be a great addition to the Big 12 or the Pac 12.

Power 6?

The AAC have long called themselves a member of the Power 5.  They routinely refer to themselves as the Power 6.  Adding Boise State to a roster of emerging college football powerhouses such UCF, Memphis, Houston, and Cincinnati would strengthen that argument.  Boise State will begin their 2021 season traveling to AAC perennial champion UCF.  Could their game be a prediction of the future?

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