It's all part of traveling and vacations, or maybe this deliciousness is in your own backyard. Finding that scrumptious place to eat is often based on reviews, word of mouth, and yes, if a celebrity owns the restaurant. Especially if it's a celeb we like.

From actors to musicians and popular television personalities, the restaurant biz has become a lucrative side gig if you will, and according to the website journo research, Q.R. Code Generator has found the must-eat hot spots,

Ok, here we go with the Top 10 best celebrity-owned restaurants according to the best of the best Google reviews around the United States.


Jon Bon Jovi's JBJ Soul Kitchen in New Jersey topped the list with a rating of 91.62% excellent reviews. What's so unique is that JBJ Soul Kitchen is a community restaurant where you pay what you can since it caters to in-need customers. It's all about American cuisine here.


If you're a Walking Dead fan then Nic & Norman's owned by Reedus and Greg Nicotero in Georgia scored 79.80% serving laid-back southern comfort dishes.


Not a shock that Robert De Niro's Nobu in Las Vegas at Virgin Hotel made this list with an excellent score of 78.78% serving modern Japanese cuisine with 50+ restaurants around the world.


Giuliana and Bill Rancic's RPM Steak in Chicago scored 78.61% in excellent reviews. You may recognize Guiliana as the former E! News host.


Barbie's Ryan Gosling with 77.77% has the restaurant Tagine in Beverly Hills with Moroccan delicacies.


Drummer Travis Barker from Blink-182 and hubby of Khloe Kardashian invested in a vegan restaurant called Crossroads Kitchen in Hollywood with 76.94% excellent reviews.


Succession lovers make a note to dine at Nicholas Braun's S&P Lunch in New York with 76.89% of excellent reviews. It's all about counter dining on comfort food like soups and sandwiches. I mean it doesn't even have a website.


Are you a fan of the reality show The Voice with country music favorite Blake Shelton married to the cool Gwen Stefani from No Doubt? In Florida, he has Ole Red with 76.38% excellent reviews on its southern cuisine.


This renowned film director has his Francis Ford Coppola Winery with a rating of 76.17% based in California embraces international cuisine and traditional Italian dishes. 


Ralph Lauren's The Polo Bar in New York has 76.12% excellent reviews. The menu features American cuisine and has always ranked high in the celebrity restaurant world.

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