A woman on Reddit says her "insecure" husband picked a fight with one of her male Facebook friends after he decided to snoop on her social media.

"My husband attempted to throw me a surprise party on a Saturday. The Monday prior I woke up and went on Facebook to see that he had commented a friend's profile picture stating something along the lines of, 'Why are you liking my wife's posts, can you hear me now?'" she began.

"I asked him what was going on. He told me that this person had liked some of my posts and because his status said single, he had a problem with it. The profile picture was of him and his girlfriend," the woman explained.

"I looked, and out of my last 15 posts this person had liked three of them. Turns out he had messaged this person and when they did not read/respond to my husband, he decided to blast him on Facebook," she continued.

The woman's husband initially didn't want to come clean about why he was looking through her Facebook page.

"He admitted he was attempting to throw a party and wanted to figure out who to invite. He knows me, he knows the very few friends I have. It made no sense. Weeks later, he says, 'I was trying to invite your maid-of-honor but couldn't remember her name and was looking through likes to figure it out,'" she shared, adding she told him to cancel the whole thing.

"I said I didn't want people over, and didn't know if I even wanted to be around him for my birthday. He had ordered a cake, maybe three-to-four bottles of alcohol, and had one of my neighbors making a dish," she wrote.

The woman feels bad for anyone who was planning to come to the party, but doesn't regret scrapping the event because her husband "made it about him and his insecurities."

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Reddit users blasted the husband in the comments.

"He's lying to you. I doubt there was even a surprise party until he made that comment," one person wrote.

"The guy sounds like a tool!" another commented.

"That is some next-level insecurity and jealousy there. I get why you canceled it, that is very disturbing behavior. Has he always spied on you and been worried about other men? If this is a true anomaly I would discuss with him why this behavior is so upsetting. If this is how he always acts, stay safe," someone else chimed in.

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