A woman on Reddit is "absolutely furious" with her dad after he cut off all communication with her following a political disagreement.

"My dad has gone through something of a political transformation in the last few years. From center-left to disenfranchised to culture wars obsessive. We try to avoid politics because we now disagree on almost everything. Seemingly innocuous things will set him off: an advert, a music video, a news item. I’ll either have to listen and nod politely as he rants freely or try and provide another, more tolerant point of view," she wrote on the forum.

She has tried to "encourage balance and respect" when they do talk politics, but her father often resorts to name-calling, using words such as "idiot" or "uneducated," which has become too much for her to bear.

"He’s gone from being a reasonable man to someone who spends a lot of time arguing with people on the internet and it shows. We’ve had some pretty bad [arguments] because of the way he’s treated me during some of these conversations but it’s always been resolved quickly. I can see no real point in holding a grudge with my own father," she continued.

After a recent argument, however, he blocked her phone number and is now refusing to talk to her.

"He’s a stubborn man and this could last for days/weeks if I don’t coddle him out of it. I’m his only child and we’ve always been really close and I don’t want to leave an isolated man even more so, but I feel like I’m dealing with a teenager. I am getting sick of having to parent my parent whenever he gets triggered. I love my dad but I’m running out of patience," the woman concluded.

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In the comments section, users tried to offer advice to the frustrated woman.

"First of all, stop coddling him. He's blocking you and giving you the silent treatment? Don't rise to it. Just wait him out. Second, absolutely no politics discussion," one person wrote.

"I refuse to talk politics with one of my folks. If they insist, I walk out. I don't respond to any email with a political portion," another commented.

"My mother goes on religious rants. I have no issues with religious beliefs but she’s an intolerant Christian. It leads to her odd political beliefs. I use the gray rock method. I don’t engage with any of that. We are low contact. We talk about TV shows and movies and that’s about it. Anything deeper just leads to drama. If you and your dad get back into contact just stop the conversation at any controversial topic," someone else chimed in.

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