Katy Perry is catching some heat online from fans after showing support for controversial Tesla CEO Elon Musk and his new cybertruck.

"Thx for the delivery," she tweeted, tagging Musk with a photo of herself posing in a luxe brown gown next to the matte green futuristic vehicle.

Musk replied to the tweet and said, "Looks good."

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Fans immediately had lots to say about the interaction and its apparent effect on Perry's image.

"Elon is a transphobe, treats workers like s$&$, is currently fighting the Australian government to allow to uploads stabbings online. And Katy…wtf is this I’m honestly disappointed I thought you were better," one fan tweeted.

Another person tweeted a meme of Keke Palmer and SZA looking shocked and confused to represent Perry's fans' reactions after "trying to rehab her image."

Another fan was angry about the potential effect on Perry's next album release that the post could have.

"Like are you DUMB?" the fan tweeted with a crying emoji.

One person used a meme of Michael Jackson and a gun to represent the fact that fans feel like Perry sabotages her career with so-called problematic moments.

Meanwhile, others pointed out that Musk's cybertrucks have made headlines for their multiple issues, including a recent recall due to the accelerator pedals sticking.

According to Mashable, Tesla recalled all 3,878 cybertrucks due to the error.

"Girl they recalling these cause the accelerators get stuck. Elon tryna kill you," one fan tweeted to Perry.

Another fan joked that the cybertrucks "blow up like a firework" in reference to Perry's iconic song "Firework."

Someone else questioned why all the pop girls are suddenly getting cybertrucks, like Lady Gaga and Beyoncé.

"What's going on??? lol," they tweeted.

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