Is Miley Cyrus a ghost singer for Morgan Wallen? This wild music conspiracy theory suggests... maybe!

Cyrus and Wallen may both have roots in country music, but the musicians are quite different aside from that.

However, some fans have speculated that Cyrus is a secret ghost singer for the country star considering how uncannily Wallen sounds like Cyrus when his voice is sped or pitched up.

The conspiracy has been floating around online for some time now, but it was recently revisited in a viral TikTok showcasing side by side audio of Wallen's song "Cover Me Up" at both normal speed and pitched up.

Shockingly, the pitched-up version sounds exactly like Cyrus. See for yourself, below:

Taste of Country previously reported on the interesting similarity between Wallen and Cyrus' voices when sped up.

Radio show Big D and Bubba also experimented with other songs, such as "Sand in My Boots," "Whiskey Glasses" and "Chasin' You," to see if the theory holds true — and, lo and behold, Wallen sped up sounds exactly like the Hannah Montana star.

Is it truly possible Cyrus has been ghost singing for Wallen this whole time?

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While this is just a fun conspiracy, Wallen has spoken highly about Cyrus' singing voice in the past, even going so far as to hope for a collaboration some day.

"...If I could do a song right now with somebody, I wanna do a song with Miley Cyrus. I love her voice, man. She has an insane voice and she kinda just don’t care either, and I like that," Wallen said on the This Past Weekend podcast in 2020, per Music Mayhem Magazine.

Both Wallen and Cyrus scored massive hit singles this past year, with Cyrus' "Flowers" topping the Billboard Hot 100 chart for eight weeks.

Meanwhile, Wallen's song "Last Night" spent 16 weeks at No. 1, becoming one of the longest-leading singles in the chart's history.

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