If you thought you were a cat lover, this guy may have you beat. His entire home is essentially centered around his cats.

Catioguy, as he goes by on Instagram, designs and builds custom catios for felines in California. It's every cats dream to roam in and out of the house whenever they please, and catioguy made that a reality.

What is a catio?

It's basically a cat patio! They are cat enclosures that provide a safe way for your furry friends to get some outdoor time (and fun.)

As you'll see in the video, the mousers are bursting with excitement as they explore their purrfect playground.

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While they may be called "catios" and mainly made for cats, they can be used for canines too!

This dog version of a catio has a top that you can open. It creates more of a fence enclosure and allows you to pull your little buddy out if needed.

Not only are catios great for fun, but they're a way to keep smaller pets safe from predators like coyotes. Fun AND safe, doesn't get any better than that.

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Cats are mysterious creatures. If you've ever wondered why they are the way they are, well we don't have that answer. BUT, we can answer some basic kitty questions for you.

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