Kanye West was one happy dude when he was a celebrity guest on Celebrity Family Feud hosted by Steve Harvey.

The bulk of the Kardashian clan was in attendance playing for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles—only Kylie, who was still pregnant and hiding it when the episode was filmed— and Kourtney were MIA. Rob, who usually keeps a low profile, wasn't in the mix either.

In the end, Kris Jenner's team beat out The West squad, which mostly included Kanye's cousins and Kim, but Kendall and a pregnant Khloe were kind enough to let Kanye and Kim play the Fast Money round since they "watch Family Feud every night" and Kim had been practicing for the game.

Anyone who watches the game show knows it's pretty much dropped the "family" part of the questioning, which often deliberately gets a little wild and raunchy. Questions on this episode included, “Name the top five reasons why Steve Harvey is a good kisser” (Kanye beat out Kris to play that round) and “If you’re at a wild party and everyone is naked, name someone you would hate to see show up," to which Kendall comically answered, "Donald Trump." This of course, was before the public Kanye and Trump love fest, and earned a laugh from the audience and Harvey, who also caught flak for meeting with Trump when he first took office.

At any rate, as aforementioned, Kanye seemed to really have a great time on the show, smiling more than we've seen him years, as he was teased by Harvey and amused by his charismatic family. In the end, they won the money for the hospital, an added plus for a delighted Kanye.


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