She may have finally nabbed her first Oscar nomination, but 2022 did not prove to be Kirsten Dunst's year at the Academy Awards.

Believe it or not, this year marked the beloved actress' first nomination at the Oscars, according to Vanity Fair. It's especially surprising considering her previous work on the likes of Interview With the Vampire, The Virgin Suicides, Marie Antoinette and Melancholia. Truly, her resume is an impressive one.

Dunst was in the running for Best Supporting Actress for her work in The Power of the Dog. The trophy ultimately went to Ariana DeBose, who won after playing Anita wonderfully in the big-screen adaptation of West Side Story.

DeBose's win goes down in history as the first time an openly queer Afro-Latina has taken home a win in one of the acting categories.

It also marks the first time two actresses have won the Best Supporting Actress trophy after playing the same character. (Rita Moreno previously won the same award for playing Anita in the 1961 film adaptation of the musical.)

Fans celebrated the major moment across social media. However, many also expressed sorrow for Dunst's loss.

"Kirsten Dunst one of the must talented actress, world wide recognized but in her own country apparently her work isn’t good enough," one fan wrote on Twitter. They shared their message alongside a "disappointed but not surprised" gif.

Others found a more optimistic spin on the sad news.

"Even tho Kirsten Dunst lost she will still have 'Academy Award Nominee' in front of her name and she also looks beautiful tonight," another fan tweeted.

A Dunst fan account celebrated DeBose's win and expressed hope for their fave to win awards in the future. "Kirsten Dunst did an amazing job in ‘The Power of the Dog’! She will hopefully get many awards in the future," they gushed.

Interestingly, Dunst's real-life fiancé and The Power of the Dog co-star Jesse Plemons was also in the running for Best Supporting Actor category.

Before his loss, one fan joked that Plemons had to lose so that the couple could stay evenly matched at the show.

"Now [Jesse] Plemons gotta lose his Oscar because Kirsten Dunst lost hers. They have to go home as losers TOGETHER," they tweeted.

The fan was not wrong in their hypothesis: Troy Kotsur wound up taking home the Oscar for his excellent work in Coda, becoming the first deaf actor to win at the awards show, according to ABC News.

Check out more responses to Dunst's Oscars loss below:

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