Looking to get some new ink?  You might want to check out the Treasure Valley Tattoo Convention this weekend.  Yes, it's a thing and it runs all weekend.  Friday May 17th-Sunday May 19th at the CenturyLink Arena downtown.  Maybe you've been to a hockey game at the arena, now you can check out over 75 vendors, including local tattoo artists Kyle Miller, Mike O'Neill, Tyler Andrews and more artists from Portland, Seattle, Charlotte and more.

If you already have ink, you might want to check it out and enter one of the many contests for different types of tats.  From The Boise Weekly story, those include different area on your body, colors like "black and white", sleeve, Japanese and more. No nudity will be allowed during contests, so if your ink is in a very special place, you might have to pass on the contest.  Contests may require a $10 entry fee.

Organizers want everyone to know, this is a kid friendly event, so bring the kiddos if you're cool like that.

If you get some new ink this weekend, be sure to show us!  All you have to do is have our free 103.5 KISS FM app.  And DM us.  You can send us pictures of your ink.  Just make sure the pictures are safe to share!




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