The internet is losing its collective mind over this Love Is Blind participant's sheer audacity.

On season three of the hit Netflix reality show, wildlife photographer Andrew Y. Liu has made waves after an interview scene exposed him for faking his tears with eye drops.

Liu was pursuing a relationship in the pods with Nancy Rodriguez, whom he ended up proposing to, according to Cosmopolitan.

After Rodriguez rejected Liu, he appeared for a confessional interview to discuss his emotions following the failed proposal.

Liu then asked the producers if the cameras were rolling and if he could use his eye drops.

After using the drops, Liu said, "I never thought I could care for someone that could bring me to tears."

Fans were hilariously shocked and delighted that the producers didn't edit out Liu's eye drop use.

"Andrew from Love Is Blind - Season 3 putting eye drops in his eyes, not wiping them away, then saying something about being in tears…. I’m dead because production was not about to let him take that s---," one fan tweeted.

Another tweeted, "Andrew with the eye drops for fake tears saying totally rehearsed to camera 'I never thought I could care for someone who brought me to tears' omg pls help."

Per Us Magazine, on Friday, Oct. 21, Liu shared an Instagram Story about the scene and quipped, "Could have at least edited out the pimple, guys."

Liu then went on to share several fan reactions to the moment, which included a meme implying that the producers allowed him to use the eye drops to fake his tearful emotions without telling him that they wouldn't edit it out.

However, one person did come to Liu's defense.

Co-host Vanessa Lachey said to Bustle, "Oh, he wasn't doing fake tears. He was taking care of his dry eyes."

See more reactions to Liu's alleged fake tears, below:

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