A man on Reddit decided to skip his "homophobic" sister's wedding to party at a gay bar with his boyfriend instead.

The man, 23, explained he grew up idolizing his sister, 29, and when he came out as a teenager she was supportive. However, that changed when she met her now-husband in college.

"He grew up in a very traditional Christian household. They met at a frat mixer at Bama (she was in a sorority, he was in a frat)," he wrote via Reddit.

He explained his sister had always been "neutral" when it came to politics, but after meeting her partner, she became "visibly uncomfortable" whenever he'd start talking about guys.

"One time when her fiancé was on Facetime with us, I mentioned a Tinder date with a guy, and she told him I was joking. We sort of grew apart as we got older," he continued.

The man eventually moved to California, and although he and his sister still spoke, they never talked about his love life. Eventually, his sister got engaged and set a date for their wedding.

"A few months after, I met my current boyfriend of 8 months. Coincidentally, I found out that my BF's birthday was also the day of my sis's wedding. We talked about this in advance and decided to celebrate his birthday on a different day," the man wrote.

The sister told him he could bring a date to her wedding, but at the rehearsal dinner, she seemed "somewhat distant" toward them. "At one point, I could see her fiancé looking toward my BF and me and whispering, 'They're going to make me and my family uncomfortable,'" he shared.

When the dinner was over, the sister pulled him aside and suggested he shouldn't bring his boyfriend to the wedding as she wanted things to be a "certain way."

"I was pretty offended, and I asked her why she had a problem with me being gay all of a sudden. She said it was fine that I was gay, but I shouldn't force it on everyone else. That was the last straw," he detailed.

Ultimately, he decided to skip the wedding and go to a gay bar to celebrate his boyfriend's birthday instead. He texted his sister the morning of the wedding to let her know, but she didn't respond and the two haven't spoken since.

"I felt guilty for missing my sister's wedding, and I know I'm not blameless here: we were close for so long that it hurts regardless of what she said to me. But I felt so invalidated during that rehearsal dinner, and I made a decision, and I can't undo that. Is it time to cut her off for a while, or should I be the one to apologize?" he asked Reddit.

Users rallied behind the man in the comments, with many agreeing he had every right to ditch the wedding if his sister and her husband wouldn't accept him for who he is.

"Your sister & her husband do not accept you and your partner for who you are. Instead, they want you to fit into their picture of what the wedding should look like. They are pretty intolerant and obviously homophobic," one person wrote.

"She chose a homophobic man because she's a homophobe. Her 'don't rub it in peoples faces' is rich since you're going to a wedding where they're rubbing their hetero relationship on everyone there," another commented.

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