One dog owner was annoyed after their neighbor threatened to "report" them for "allowing" their dog to "foul" his property.

Hoping for some backup from other pet parents, the anonymous dog owner shared their story on parenting forum Mumsnet.

"Today, a neighbour stopped me whilst walking my dog and told me I'd been allowing him to 'foul' his property. He then showed me his ring doorbell footage of my dog cocking his leg on a bush right on the boundary of his front garden and the public footpath," the dog owner explained.

The owner "apologized" but also pointed out the obvious: "That's what dogs do!"

"I see dogs urinating on my bushes daily, and it's really not a problem. Obviously, there are no health risks or anything like there is for dog waste," they added.

However, their apology wasn't enough to satisfy the ticked-off neighbor.

The frustrated dog owner claims the man refused the apology and told them "it was damaging his property" and that he would "report" them if it didn't stop.

The dog owner sarcastically questioned Mumsnet if they knew which authority would handle such a claim.

"Honestly, he was quite polite, but AIBU [am I being unreasonable] to think he's being utterly ridiculous to approach someone about this?" the owner asked.

In the comments section, Mumsnet users advised the dog owner to try to see the situation from the neighbor's point of view.

"He is, but I have to say that dog piss makes me want to gag, and streams of it at the front of my house would make me want to say something too," one reader wrote.

"Yes, dogs pee, but it's weird and entitled to think that should mean he has no right to object to you allowing your dog to pee on his plants… Can't you just walk your dog past his house?" someone else asked.

"It might not be a problem for you, but it is for him. It's easy enough to pull your dog away. I'd just avoid that stop with your dog," another advised.

"I actually stop my dog from cocking his leg on neighbors' plants. In fact, I try to stop him cocking his leg on anyone's garden," someone else shared.

In a follow-up comment, OP [original poster] added they plan to take their dog elsewhere to urinate in the future.

"I accept I'd be unreasonable if I continued to allow it (although I can't/won't guarantee it'll never happen)," they wrote, adding, "I don't think this is a usual thing to seek out a neighbour you've never spoken to before and castigate them about something so inconsequential though."

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